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#ISWG: Using My One Wish To Help With A Chapter Or Scene

If you could use a wish to help you write just ONE scene/chapter of your book, which one would it be?
(examples: fight scene / first kiss scene / death scene / chase scene / first chapter / middle chapter / end chapter, etc.)

Pftt. Can the “scene” be the entire novel? 🙂

Fine, fine, fine!

If I were to pick a chapter, it would either be chapter one or the ending.

I’m terrible at figuring out a start that will grip the readers. And when I do begin to write chapter one, my mind wanders to what happened before the start of the story. I’ve had so many conflicting bits of advice on the use of prologues. I don’t have a problem with using them, but I guess some do. Well, in my novel, SotR, I ended up using a prologue which gave a bit of back story because, frankly, the start of the main story was kind of boring. Hmm… maybe I should have concentrated more on the boring part. LOL  Where’s that wish??

If I were to use the wish on the ending of my book, that would be helpful as well. Because I’ve writing stories where I just keep going and going. After a while, I stop and think: Wait. Should this be book two now? Do I have enough for a second book? In one particular work in progress, I ended up breaking it up into five potential books because I couldn’t end the first one! I have no problem with movies ending this way, so why do I have such difficulty when it comes to novels?

In either situation, the wish would probably end up altering my writing altogether. And then I’d have to change the rest of my novel to match, which, in turn, would throw me right back to the struggles of the beginning and ending. It’s a vicious and never-ending cycle. And that’s probably the reason why I’ve concentrated more on reviewing books than actually writing them.

Can I use my wish for inspiration rather than help with writing? At the moment, I’m in need of that more!

5 comments on “#ISWG: Using My One Wish To Help With A Chapter Or Scene

  1. Melissa Maygrove
    April 3, 2019

    The whole novel. LOL

    I struggle with openings, too, but I’m getting better.

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  2. Jacqui Murray
    April 3, 2019

    Inspiration–an inspired choice. I too–when forced to shove a poor fit of a beginning or ending into my book–fail.

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  3. Five books when you couldn’t end it? Wow.
    I had a prologue in my first published book.

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  4. Juneta
    April 3, 2019

    Writing is just hard, lol. I struggle with middles most, but beginnings too. The whole thing at different points. I need inspiration in the middle most though. Happy IWSG!

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  5. Rebecca LuElla Miller
    April 4, 2019

    OK, here’s a suggesting that will help with first chapter, last chapter, and even middle chapters: start with something your character needs and end when they get it or it is hopelessly lost to them (thought they may have discovered they didn’t actually need it in the first place, but something far more important). Keep that thread as the go-line throughout your novel and you won’t get stuck.

    But the beginning! How many times have I re-written beginnings. Yikes, they are hard. So, save them for last, when the rest of the novel is good to go, then polish that opening to make it do what you want.


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