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Worship Essentials

Worship Essentials
By Mike Harland

Everybody talks about the worship, but nobody does anything about it.

The well-known quote associated with Mark Twain actually goes like this—Everybody talks about the weather … But changing it to “worship” seems appropriate. With Worship Essentials, Dove Award-winning worship leader Mike Harland helps leaders do something about it. Perhaps no subject about church generates more opinion and passion than worship. Walk with the typical church-going family on their way to the car after the service and just listen. Everybody really does talk about worship. Now, veteran worship leader and experienced ministry coach Mike Harland offers the tools worship leaders need to build biblically-faithful and effective worship ministries without bringing the disruption that often accompanies change.

Psalm 67:5 reads, “Let the peoples praise you, God, let all the peoples praise you.” Worship Essentials is here to help.

Because I’m involved in the worship ministry at our church, I was curious as to what advice author Mike Harland might offer in his book Worship Essentials. Especially when the title is followed by “growing a healthy worship ministry without starting a war“. Some might scratch their heads at this, but music can be a sensitive subject. It can be very personal. What songs I might enjoy, you might not care for. Or ones that you prefer, I might be bored with. Moreover, those of a different generation might feel anxiety with the introduction of newer worship songs. How can I, as part of the music ministry, find a healthy balance that will help lead every single one of us into a heart of worship?

Mike Harland offers encouragement along with some helpful advice. His personal stories let the reader know we are not alone. This is a common struggle in churches. It took many years and some harsh criticism before the songs I’d introduced were accepted. “We’ve never done it that way before.” Or “this isn’t like the hymns we used to sing”. And while I find hymns are still an important source for us to continue using, I also believe there are many contemporary songs that work equally as well to share the Gospel and speak to our hearts. As worship leaders, our purpose is to bring our church, as a whole, into a heart of not only worship but subsequently service. Without the former, we won’t ever reach the later. As serious leaders of music, we need to commit to studying, obeying and teaching the Word through our ministry. Otherwise, what’s the point. Worship Essentials gives thought-provoking points for those involved in music within the church. I received a complimentary copy through B&H Publishing Group. The honest opinions in this review are my own.

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