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The Ghost Box

The Ghost Box: A Reagan Moon Novel by Mike Duran, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

The Ghost Box (A Reagan Moon Novel)
By Mike Duran

Reagan Moon — paranormal reporter, terminal underachiever, and staunch cynic of the human race. The only ghosts he really believes in are the ones in his own head.

But his world is about to get an upgrade.

When Moon is hired by a reclusive tycoon to investigate the events surrounding his girlfriend’s tragic death, he learns of an impending apocalypse about to flatten Los Angeles. Seems that the Summu Nura, ancient gods from a parallel dimension, are looking for a new stomping ground. And Hollyweird is ground zero. What’s worse, Reagan Moon is the only one who can stop them.

With the help of an occult archivist and a carefree guardian angel, Moon is forced to confront an invisible world of toxic parasites and dimensional outriders. But no amount of magic can save him from monster that awaits… inside him.


About the Author

MIKE DURAN is a novelist, blogger, and speaker, whose short stories, essays, and commentary have appeared in Relief Journal, Cemetery Gates Media, The Gospel Coalition, Relevant Online, Bewildering Stories, Rue Morgue, Zombies magazine, Breakpoint, and other print and digital outlets. He is the author of THE GHOST BOX (Blue Crescent Press, 2014), which was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best indie novels of 2015 and first in a paranoir series that continues with SAINT DEATH (2016), a Southern Gothic Horror novelette WICKERS BOG (2016), a non-fiction exploration on the intersection between the horror genre and evangelical fiction entitled CHRISTIAN HORROR (Blue Crescent Press May 2015), and others. You can learn more about Mike Duran, his writing projects, cultural commentary, philosophical musings, and arcane interests, at

Suspense, thrills and overall creepiness. This book is paranormal with some horror splashed in. A nice recipe for a book that I can’t put down. Reagan Moon is like a paranormal detective, though his day job is a journalist. I liked the introduction of Rival’s Curtain, to give us a glimpse of another world/dimension. The creatures described, especially those feeding off of humans, were suitably terrifying. From start to finish, the way it was written made it easy to picture each scene, which I love. If only I could take what I imagined while reading and sketch it on paper. The bad guy was great. What can I say without spoiling too much? You’ll have to find out more about him by reading the book. I’d like to see where this series goes. I’m curious about certain characters and have lots of questions. Hopefully those will be answered in the next two books. Thank you, Mike, for not ending on a cliffhanger. As I neared the end, the story’s pace quickened. I worried that things would be left on a cliffhanger. I rarely read that fast to find out what happened. I was happy to read a great ending, plus a little taste of things to come.

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