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Sand and Shadow by Laurisa Reyes White

Sand and Shadow 
by Laurisa Reyes White

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Horror

Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

Seven Survivors.

One Monster.

Nowhere to hide.

Mission Specialist Adán Fuentes awakes from cryo-hibernation to discover that most of his fellow crewmates are dead and the shuttle Carpathia is not where it’s supposed to be. Surrounded by a vast barren landscape, he and the other survivors wonder how they can accomplish their mission, to establish a home for future colonists.

When an unseen creature attacks them, the Carpathia’s crew must turn their attention to surviving and solving the true purpose behind their mission.

Inspired by the 50’s sci-fi flick FORBIDDEN PLANET, SAND AND SHADOW plumbs the depths of the human psyche and the power of its influence. As the Carpathia’s crew’s secrets and flaws are revealed, readers may find themselves compelled to examine their own dark places.

Laurisa White Reyes is the author of the SCBWI Spark Award winning novel The Storytellers and the Spark Honor recipient Petals. She is also the Senior Editor at Skyrocket Press and an English instructor at College of the Canyons in Southern California.

Sand and Shadow is a suspenseful science fiction story wrapped up in a mystery. The crew of Carpathia wakes from cryo sleep only to find most of the crew dead and the ship damaged. They’ve crash landed on what they thought was Europa, only to find they are lightyears away from their intended destination. As they begin their mission of colonization, the crew finds 1) they aren’t where they’re supposed to be, 2) they are unable to reach other ships in the fleet and 3) there’s an invisible monster on the loose. This was a fun read that reminded me a bit of Forbidden Planet in some ways. Never a dull moment. Readers of SciFi thrillers will be sure to enjoy this book. I received a complimentary copy from the author. The honest opinions in this review are my own.

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