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My Cat, The Jerk

Let me say upfront, I love animals. My first job was at an animal hospital because that was originally the career I wanted. I’ve grown up with dogs and cats. I’ve rescued a dog from the middle of a busy highway, a cat running in the intersection, other dogs from the desert and on and on. And the animals I’ve had have always been snuggling and loving and wonderful to be around.

That said, I’ve recently discovered that not all animals, not all pets are appreciative. And, like a teenager, some don’t appreciate the roof over their head or food provided. Enter here the perfect example: KitKat….or as I “affectionately” call him…Cat.

My cat is antisocial. He hates cats, dogs, people, the air, anything and anyone that exists, looks at him or even whispers to him.
My cat is…odd. At random times during the day, he will drag things around the house, all the while yowling as if he were dying. He wasn’t then, nor is he now. He’s clearly dramatic and a narcissistic. “Look at me!”
My cat is demanding and impatient, which leads to unpleasant consequences. Heaven forbid he has to wait a few more minutes for food. The world is ending if his dry food is a few minutes old. It’s terrible and you will pay. And by that, I mean he will pop out from around a corner and bite my ankle and then run away like a coward. Jerk.
My cat prefers to be annoying when I’m busy and in the middle of work, which is most of the day. So while on a Zoom call, a paw will reach from under the monitor and grab a pen, pencil, pad of paper, the mouse, whatever he can grab. This might be another attempt to get food. But I know KitKat. He’s annoying for the sake of being annoying. That is all. And now I’ve lost my pen.
The only time my cat is kind of cute is when he’s sleeping. But even then, sometimes he’s a weird. This is the first cat I’ve ever known to sleep with his face pressed down into the blanket. How can he breath? Oh, an I apologize for this particular drawing. Per my daughter, he looks super fat. That might have been done consciously…

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