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What happens when human innovation transcends its physical limitations and enters the supernatural? The natural becomes supernatural, welcome to the new enlightenment!

Staunch Industries is the leader in high-tech innovation and the predominant provider of Earth’s consumer energy. The “Ambition” is their preeminent space station that resides in the most hostile environment known to man, the Sun’s corona. Obsessed with progress, Staunch has inadvertently subjected themselves to a force that’s steering them awry.

Azarus is a worker clone created by Staunch, a prototype of genetic engineering that splices human with animal DNA. To keep the clones isolated and focused on work, they’re created without sexual organs and with a controlled consciousness. Azarus gradually breaks free from these restraints to pursue a higher purpose despite the threat of obliteration.

Commander Rielle is a lead officer on the Ambition. She is forced to face the darker underbelly of her employer and its disturbing social implications, all while coping with the strange identity of both her birth and adoptive parents.

R.O.D. is a genetically engineered pain in the ass. If R.O.D. wasn’t such a vast source of knowledge, they would have recycled him years ago. It’s only when R.O.D. becomes a rogue, suicidal proctor clone, setting off a series of catastrophic events, that they wish they had.

What has motivated R.O.D. to take such extreme measures?

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Staunch Ambition starts with some exposition to setup the story. What’s happened in the past and what’s going on in the world now. It’s necessary to the story. In order to differentiate the two (past vs present), the artwork style is different at the beginning. I like both styles really. The artwork is almost like painted artwork than typical graphic novel and looks like more time and effort was put into it. It’s rich in color. The story itself was an interesting one, but it’s hard to share without spoiling anything. The lab and experiments. The workers. All of it has a lot of potential for the author to explore in further issues. I like the idea of the Ambition space station. It’s a good read with great character development and growth. I purchased Seasons 1 print copy of Staunch Ambition. Fans of SciFi will enjoy this graphic novel.

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