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30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 5

Today’s word is fun.

I work a lot. Not kidding. A LOT. Two jobs, plus overtime can be trying, overwhelming and tiring. With today’s word of “fun”, I can say when those fun moments come around, I’m absolutely appreciative of them. I’m terrible at documenting the activity. I don’t take Instagram quality pictures. Instead, I snap some quick ones because I’d rather be in the moment with my family than seeing everything through my phone. I find that if I view it through my phone I won’t remember it as well.

Today, I’m going to focus on my family’s recent fun at Riley’s farm.

Riley’s Farm offers several different activities. Since we’d just finished reviewing the Revolutionary War, that’s the activity I wanted the kids to see.

As soon as we arrived, we were met by a British soldier who assigned us to the town of Lexington. From there, we traveled with our fellow colonists from station to station, learning of the taxes imposed, the court procedures, common etiquette, and home life.

Quill and ink were provided along with a slip of paper. This was the moment where we wrote down our will. My son “bequeathed” his 1,000,000 pounds (where did he get that money??) to our dog.

After taking care of our treasured possessions, we moved on to militia training. This was fun, except for the times we had to duck for cover (i.e. crouch or squat). I say this after having done leg presses and squats at the gym the day before. However, I got through it and we had successful training. Well, most of us. Some still had issues between their right and left. LOL, that’s a typical band member problem.

Once training was done, we were given rations: an apple, slice of cheese, bit of jerky, small square of corn bread and a cup of lemonade. May seem like a meager meal, but we knew this was still a lot better than what soldiers had actually received.

It was a good day and a lot of fun. Still cracks me up that one of the actors assigned me to be flag bearer and then as I led our group around, every actor would do a double take and say, “They made you flag bearer?!”

I try to find fun and unique things to do with my kids. We’ve been to one Revolutionary war reenactment event. That was a lot of fun, but Riley’s Farm makes this one more interactive with more impact. We learned a lot while having fun. Who knew that was possible? 🙂


One comment on “Fun

  1. alexjcavanaugh
    November 6, 2022

    What a great place to take the family! Fun and they learn stuff.


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