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30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 6

Today’s word is friendship. (I am SO behind, not surprising LOL)

Who isn’t thankful for friends? When I need to vent about a bad day or share a crazy story, I appreciate having a friend to talk to. My friends challenge me, they accept me, they care for me and they are there for me.

My best friend is the one I married. When we first met, I had no idea how much he’d mean to me. We share some but not all interests. Sorry, I’m not a huge fan of fantasy and there’s no way I’m trying World of Warcraft again (dumb spiders). Still, we make a great team and I’m so grateful to have a friend as well as a soulmate.

I have friends online, authors I’ve met through Facebook and the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, all of whom I’m grateful for. They motivate me to continue writing, even if my writing is minimal. They keep that interest in storytelling going.

I have several close friends, like my Wicked Chicken. The notes passed through a day in school helped get me through the day. Granted, most of those notes involved who liked who, but eh, it was something to read instead of, you know, actually doing school work.

One I’m truly thankful for has been a friend since High School. I wasn’t the easiest person to get along with. I had a temper, I got grumpy, and I could be a pill. So I’m thankful that this friend put up with all that and stuck with me. She, ahem, “helped” me perfect the art of ditching college classes.

My friend had to deal with the fact that I was a slow reader and yet we still shared a love of books together.

In the case of Jurassic Park, I would read and she’d have to wait until I was done with that page.

When we read Q Squared together, I would read it aloud so that we were both “reading” it at the same time, like watching an episode of Star Trek together.

This was often done while we were on a trip for a marching band competition. We still have nostalgia for these three book and have read them multiple times.

We share a love of SciFi, specifically Star Trek. When we meet for “coffee” that involves food, shopping, coffee and an episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. We’ve had times of venting. And we’ve had a blast writing together (I know, I know…I’ve really got to start that back up again). Moments of laughing so hard we are hyperventilating ends up improving my mental health. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

So thanks friends. You make life more enjoyable, interesting and entertaining.



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