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Is Wes the New Wall-E?

Lost Bits

The last thing K-404 remembers is a happy home with the human child Ele, whose care is his primary purpose. So, when he wakes up in a landfill of tossed-away technology, his only thought is to reunite with his family.

This world is not his own, though. It’s a wasteland of desolate buildings, flying metal disks, and monstrosities that keep themselves active by stealing another bot’s power.

How did the world get this way?

And why was he discarded?

Hampered by imperfect memory, an obsolete body, and limited battery life, 404 sets out to find his home. Joined by other castaways, he faces off against scavengers and monsters, only to encounter greater threats.

Pursued, outsmarted, and manipulated on every side, 404 teeters on the brink of annihilation. His only chance of survival? Those bits of himself—the connections—he hasn’t lost.

My Review

The first Kerry Nietz booked I’d ever read was Amish Vampires in Space. It sounded corny, but after reading a lot of more serious books, I wanted something different. I think that’s when I became a fan of his writing style. He has a way with painting a scene that I can easily picture in my mind like a movie. And the development of characters is awesome. For Lost Bits, I found my favorite was Wes. Misunderstood at the beginning, but a great ally and friend by the end. Lost Bits starts with K-404 waking up in a landfill, trying to recall how he got there and fighting to make his way home to his human family. His journey takes him through a dystopian landscape where he makes a few new friends, and enemies, along the way. By the end, the reader will be cheering for K-404 and his companions to reach their destination in one piece. This was a great read and when I described it to my 13yo, she wanted to read it as well. I highly recommend this book. It isn’t just for adults. Middle grade through High School will also enjoy it. Be sure to check out books by Nietz. I’m definitely a fan of his writing.

Purchase Lost Bits here:

About the Author

Kerry Nietz is an award-winning science fiction author. He has over a half dozen speculative novels in print, along with a novella, a couple short stories, and a non-fiction book, FoxTales.

Kerry’s novel A Star Curiously Singing won the Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award for Christian Science Fiction and is notable for its dystopian, cyberpunk vibe in a world under sharia law. It has over a hundred 5-star reviews on Amazon and is often mentioned on “Best of” lists.

Among his writings, Kerry’s most talked about is the genre-bending Amish Vampires in Space. AViS was mentioned on the Tonight Show and in the Washington Post, Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly. Newsweek called it “a welcome departure from the typical Amish fare.”

Kerry is a refugee of the software industry. He spent more than a decade of his life flipping bits, first as one of the principal developers of the database product FoxPro for the now mythical Fox Software, and then as one of Bill Gates’s minions at Microsoft. He is a husband, a father, a technophile and a movie buff.

Check out his website at (or click on the other social media links below).


One comment on “Is Wes the New Wall-E?

  1. alexjcavanaugh
    February 13, 2023

    Amish vampires in space? Now I’m curious about the author’s work. Sometimes something that sounds so far-fetched actually works.


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