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The Consulting Writer is a blog for both authors and readers alike. Though postings may include random topics such as cooking, animals or parks, the main emphasis is on book reviews a well as the process of writing and publishing. For the independent author, there is much in the way of conflicting information. “What not to do” tends to get muddy on forums regarding the correct way to write, edit, publish, promote and market a novel.

Book reviews focus on Christian genres, young readers books, nonfiction and more. Requests may be submitted to The Consulting Writer but don’t guarantee a review.

About Me:

I began writing fan fiction short stories in 2011, as means of escape. The response to the stories provided the necessary encouragement to continue on. A wife and mother, working full time plus another job on the side, and helping others in need, I made writing my therapy, my release from stress. I’ve published one novel and several short stories.

I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes (yes, that includes the BBC’s Sherlock, though I’ve yet to see the latest series) and Doctor Who (12 is my Doctor, line in the sand). I’ve enjoyed other shows such as The Crown, Victoria, Downton Abbey, Jessica Jones, Stranger Things and Man in the High Castle. I favor black and white movies over current blockbusters. Give me the Thin Man any day over a Marvel movie.

I bore easily. Puzzles and mysteries alleviate that boredom most days. I also enjoy fixing things, from home appliances and computers to outdoor repairs. At times, I post my experiences and struggles when attempting to fix something.

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  1. tjbarker
    January 9, 2014

    Elizabeth, I saw your post on the Zero to Hero forum about looking for writers who do daily prompts – would be glad to talk providing information on my experience doing daily prompt writing. My blog is at


    • admin
      January 9, 2014

      Great! I’ll send you off an email so we can “chat” there.


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