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Clones of You

If only I could clone myself, I’d get so much more work done. Ever hear that? Honestly, I think it would end up being how computers or technology were supposed … Continue reading

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Where’s Marcus?

Do you want to go home with Marcus? Then be quiet.  :) I’m still weirded out by his American accent. Eh, I’ll get over it.

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Side Effects

I’d been struggling with a bad head cold. Probably the worst I’d had in a few years. Either that, or I’m now just more panicky about losing my hearing than in … Continue reading

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Like the Unknown

Under…water. Under…ground. Whatever it may be, it can cause fear (some say irrational one). Flying over the waters of Alaska, a friend has a fear of what waits below: sharks, … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet? Is It Here Yet? How About Now?

“Are we there yet” – voiced by thousands upon thousands of kids (and sometimes adults) during the family trek across country, across states, even from one city to the next. … Continue reading

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Passacaglia – music composed in slow triple time, often repeating the same or similar phrase. In the episode Kobol’s Last Gleaming from the television series, Battlestar Galactica, the Shape of Things to … Continue reading

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Unblocking Writer’s Block

It isn’t that easy. Trust me. I’ve had writer’s block for almost a year? I honestly can’t remember the last time I was able to just sit down and write. … Continue reading

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My word…or death

A few days ago, the writing prompt was “promises”. And while I’m terrible at keeping up with the daily prompts, I’m good at one thing: keep my word. For me, … Continue reading

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Presidential Debates

I’ve been reviewing the presidential debates, which honestly feel like a waste of time. One thing struck me as interesting as I watched the two debate and argue: When they … Continue reading

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Someone stole my mood ring…

I don’t know how I feel about that.   They also took Microsoft Office. They’ll pay for that. You have my Word.🙂

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