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Heritage Park of Cerritos, California


Heritage Park, a set on Flickr.

Heritage Park has been one of my favorite parks to visit. Hidden within the suburbs of Cerritos and near the Cerritos Towne Center, the community park honors the history of Revolutionary American and the founding of the United States of America. It has been around for decades, but in 2002, was refurbished most likely to meet new safety standards for playgrounds. Heritage Park is a colonial themed play “island” that has a moat surrounding it. There are two bridges to cross back to the park.

I recall visiting this park many times with my childhood friend, Adam. The images of the buildings were burned in my memory, so impressed was I as a child. It was a blast. The only concern I had was for safety. When I was a child, the buildings were facades, open on the inside with no safety bars.

Still, having those memories fun, I decided to bring my kids there to experience if for themselves. I wasn’t disappointed! We passed through a covered bridge to step into the past, the colonial past. Wood, gravel and dirt paths wind about, leading us to an underground tunnel with a spiral staircase that put us directly next to the Old North Church. The church had two slides, one small one and one larger/longer one, both enclosed. At first, my daughter was wary of the slide, but once she saw kids younger than her sliding down, she tried it. And then she tried it again….and again….and again…

To the North of the church is an old Bostonian town complete with state house, printer and binder, and more. These buildings are connected. The attic of the old state house connects on one side and the rooftop/bridge connects on the other side. The inside of the buildings have stairs, slides, sliding poles, all of which have safety fences and bars to ensure children have something to take hold of to prevent falls. We spent a great deal of time in this area playing hide and seek. My kids would often use the attic to hide, little did they know that parents could squeeze their way in as well. I just don’t recommend using the slides. They are for ages 5 to 12, according to the park sign.

On the West side of the old state building is a small boat. My kids call it the pirate ship. It holds several cannons, some which you can tilt up and down to view the multitude of ducks in the pond. And there are several different types of ducks. Another good spot for the casual birdwatcher to enjoy. Keep in mind, the park asks that no food be brought onto the island. Not only is this to keep down any trash left on in this beautiful place, but also to prevent any temptation from feeding ducks white bread or potato chips.

When dusk arrives, just as the sun has set, the island closes. Not to worry though, the staff will let you know when it is officially closed, so you can play until then. But out of respect to the park and the staff, I highly recommend leaving the park as quickly as possible. This is a beautiful play island and I wouldn’t want to ruin it at all.

For more information, you may visit Heritage Park of Cerritos site. Official Heritage Park hours:

Heritage Park Play Island
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: 10 a.m. to dusk
Tuesday: 2 p.m. to dusk
Saturday/Sunday: 10 a.m. to dusk
Note: Heritage Park Play Island will be closed September 16 through September 27.


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