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Notorious, like so many YouTube Vloggers


Smart phones, tablets, televisions and so on…all are notorious for wasting my time.

There have been days where I’ve spent time “relaxing” with my smart phone. But is it really relaxing? By the time I’m done farming on Hay Day, or crushing candy, what have I accomplished? Wasting time. Tired eyes and, well, tired over all…why? I hadn’t done anything other than move my fingers. On those days, when I spend more time with technology than I should, I feel more drained. If I’m not moving, I shouldn’t feel that way. But honestly, when I’m moving about more, I feel much better. This same technology can make me feel isolated and lonely. When I look about a restaurant and see families, all looking at their electronic devices, no one speaking (or very little), an unease feeling drops in the pit of my stomach. I’m guilty of the same.


They have a talent, a sixth sense…telemarketers are notorious for interrupting dinner. Often, they are rude and pushing, not wanting to receive “no” for an answer. I knew one person that had worked as a telemarketer, just to have a job, but he was miserable. I’d never want to wish that on anyone. Yik.


Disneyland is notorious for being crowded. And unlike what their marketing, it isn’t the happiest place on Earth. I know fans of Disney will have a problem with this, but speaking as someone who has gone often…I don’t enjoy it anymore. It isn’t special and feels more like a chore when going. I’d rather go to a museum. 🙂



YouTube is full of “vloggers” that claim fame, but are simply notorious for:

-performing idiotic stunts

-opening packages and feigning surprise and awe

-playing video games and talking so fast and so much that I’m starting to call it “diarrhea of the mouth” (yeah, it’s gross….sorry)

-reacting to other vlogger videos…because they can’t come up with their own? (I haven’t figured out the point of this one)

It’s not that I’m against YouTube. I watch it, or rather listen to it most days. Piano Guys is one of my favorites while working. Seriously, if you enjoy classical music or film scores, you’ll enjoy the Piano Guys. It’s a nice mix of both actually. I enjoyed their Let It Go Vivaldi’s Winter composition, despite being done with “Let It Go”. I only wish they’d do straight classical. Vivaldi’s Winter is my favorite of the seasons.

Yet, too often I hear families tell me their kids watch videos of other people living lives. Seriously? My kids do the same thing and it aggravates me.

My only solution: Get them outside minus the tablet!

The Kiss

Notorious Begins with “Not”


3 comments on “Notorious, like so many YouTube Vloggers

  1. Nice list.


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