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My friend has been watching Voyager recently. She knows I’m a fan of Q, so had to ask: With Q offering Janeway (and her crew) a way home in exchange for certain, uh, services, why didn’t she accept the offer?

Me: Q isn’t trustworthy, could easily renege on such an offer.

Her: So setup a deal to send them home first and then provide him with an offspring.

Me: First off, she doesn’t know what that would entail. He appears humanoid for their sakes, but is that how Qs mate (at the time of the episode, we didn’t know)? And what of the gestation period? This would be unclear for both Qs and humans, though I suppose an average could be taken, except that I don’t think Qs have mated in millennia (millenniums?), right? This is unknown territory. Second, say he sends Voyager home to Earth, she provides him with a child. What’s to stop him from sending them right back to where they were?

Her: He’s kept his word on other deals in other episodes.

Me: ::facepalm:: Think of Q like a genie that’s really REALLY good with loopholes. You ask to be rich, but there’ll be a caveat that you won’t see coming. Guaranteed.

Her: She still should have taking the deal, for the benefit of her crew. Or given the option for her crew to help her decide.

Me: You’re saying if YOU were the captain, you’d be fine with your crew voting on whether to stay lost in space and keep your dignity, or to return to Earth by sleeping with Q. Think of the most repulsive guy you’ve come across. Would you want to make a deal like that with him?

Her: ::meekly replies:: If it got us home…

Me: ::Just stares, speechless::

Her: ::Noting my silence:: So you agree with me ::grins::

Ok, maybe the conversation didn’t exactly end that way, but I’m the blogger and she’s not here to argue or correct me. There’s no way I would have agreed with her, as much as I’m a fan of Q. So…that’s the story and I’m sticking to it!

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'You're hard Yu' to get. As faras you re concerned, I'm impossible to get.'

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