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30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 10

Today’s word is smile.

I love to see people smile. It lifts my spirit and often causes me to smile as well. When the smile is authentic, I’m thankful for it. Well, usually. There are some individuals who I think I’d prefer not to see smile…

He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (aka Voldemort). Sorry, but his smile would elicit an inappropriate response to a serious situation. Giggling would definitely have me avada kedavra’d instantly.

Normally, this guy’s smile isn’t that off putting. Loki has that sly or mischievous grin, but when looking from just under the brow, this one gives off a very different vibe. Almost reminds me of a certain well known serial cannibal.

He looks sweet, right? Homelander is anything but. And I think that’s what makes his smile all the more disturbing. Because behind that smile is an unpredictable (or perhaps predictable) psychopath. When he smiles, it usually isn’t good.

He’s a dad, he’s a writer, he talks to ghosts. He’s a, ahem, Jack of all trades. But when he comes “knocking” and peeks in with a smile, best to get out ASAP if you can.

This was my daughter’s pick for “best smile”. This was also her favorite version of Joker.

But I still wonder, “How did he get those scars?”

Probably shouldn’t ask.

This is probably my favorite: a quiet, meek individual, yet with an unsettling stare and smile. Norman Bates may look like a push over, but I certainly wouldn’t turn my back on him. Don’t let him borrow your kitchen knives. Also, I wouldn’t take up his offer to stay the night in his motel either.

Is he from a Christmas movie or an action movie?

Does it really matter? When he’s smiling, things are definitely not going your way. And when he starts counting, that’s really when to worry.

“I’m going to count to three, there will not be a four. “

Proper etiquette and diction with a lovely accent. The perfect gentleman, right?

“Charming to the last” isn’t a compliment.

Tarkin might be the most deceiving of them all. If you’re unaware of his history, I warn you to look passed that charming smile and instead see what lies in the eyes.

So if we ever meet in person, know that I’ll be checking to see if your smile is genuine or sinister. Hmm…for this post, should I have focused on the smiles I like the most? Ah, well. These are just as good.


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