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30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 11

Today’s word is life. I’m thankful for my life. I’m thankful for those in it as well as my experiences, whether good or bad. Sometimes life can be exhausting and it seems the more time goes on, the more seems to be piled onto my plate. And while I want it all just to stop, or give me a break for a moment, I know that God is faithful to get me through it. He always has. While it the moment, it doesn’t feel like I can, but in hindsight I’ve seen how many I’ve gotten through.

Still, with how I’ve testing the boundaries in my life, I wonder if I did have a guardian angel, would they be exhausted too?

I found these 8 rules to a better life. For me, it’s a toss between which might be the hardest to follow. Number one might be the hardest because there are some real jerks out there. But then again worry is something I seem to do almost on a daily basis, whether I show it or not. I worry about the future, about the “what ifs”. I try to make contingency plans, especially for trips, but always have in the back of my mind, “what did I forget” and “am I prepared enough”.

Telling someone to “just stop” worrying isn’t helpful because it isn’t that easy to do. Which reminds me of this Bob Newhart sketch.

My family and friends joke about me always being tired. They ask how I’m doing and my response is more often than not, “Good, but tired.” So now they are starting to reply, “Tell me when you aren’t tired.” Right. But at least tired to me isn’t due to a physical ailment, but rather that I’m just doing a lot, not only for work but for others. And doing something for others, while in the moment can be frustrating and exhausting, eventually lifts my spirits as well.


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